January 28, 2010

“The playful take on memories and storytelling was arranged like a simple library with long shelves of rough planks mounted from floor to ceiling lined with mason jars each housing an object and an identifying tag. A bespectacled archivist sat at an old wooden desk (with a very modern computer) to record the transactions. I guess questions of nostalgia are never far from the surface in design and art. We’re always playing off of something from the past. In this case, semi-anonymous object-story-memories are the focus of the art, but in a very ephemeral way. They become commodities with exchange value, and they float in and out of the archive, like they would in the mind of a person or community.”

I would like to thank Toronto Craft Alert for this eloquent description of the room, which has really inspired a new section on the site called Memories.  Please share with us your stories of discovery in the Archival Library.


Undertaking Acquisition

January 10, 2010

We have brought the Archival Library of Found Treasures to the Gladstone Hotel and invite you to participate in the lost and found of priceless objects. Welcome to a dazzling array of unique items, paragons of the Toronto region. Bring your micro frippery, gimcrack cutting, divorced doodads, fandangle filaments and the odds of your analog widgets. Exchange it for virtuous, reputable fare! Come see a collection like no other. There is something for everyone, and everyone can walk away with something.

Step into the world of imagination…welcome.

COME UP TO MY ROOM at the Gladstone Hotel, open to the public January, 21-24.

COME see some of the recent acquisitions and tell us which is your favourite HERE!

New Photos

February 3, 2010

Also, the Come Up To My Room website has posted new photos.  Come and see great photos from every room and installation on their site or in the Flickr pool.

Have you added yours to our Flickr group? Come Up To My Room 202 – Undertaking Acquisition

Three of the above photos are by Phoebe Lo and the top right photo by Christine Lieu.

Kyle Clements, our friend and artist documentary film maker did a behind the scenes interview with the three of us, who didn’t know each other before the CUTMR Show.  Watch the video to see us speak about details of our collaboration process and some of our favourites in the archive. Please enjoy! (He also did a cool time lapse of the visitors coming through on Saturday night.)


January 26, 2010

We are creating a Flickr Group because we have seen some really beautiful photos of the Archive and want to see more. We have taken the windy name of:

Come Up To My Room – Room 202: Undertaking Acquisition

so that hopefully it will be easy to find.  Come and see, post, share and comment!


a.k.a taken from room 202

Thank You!

January 25, 2010

Saturday in Room 202

Saturday in Room 202

Thousands of people visited the Library this weekend at the Gladstone Hotel (Come Up to My Room), and hundreds participated in an exchange.  We shared some deep, lovely and touching memories with the visitors.  For some, making a contribution or an exchange was a turning point, a cathartic experience, or the recognition of a new era.

Visitors declared relief or excitement to find something familiar!  For others, it was a little spot of happiness to pass on something, once useful, and now just a token from yesterday.

Please feel free to leave a comment, story about your visit, or tell us which is your favourite!  You can find pictures of some of the recent acquisitions and the memories that go with them HERE.  More images to come early this week!